Local Walks

Nick’s Walks Around Portobello

Portobello’s History

Description: this walk gives a quick impression of Portobello – what it’s like today, and a bit of its history.

Length: ~3½ miles

Time: as a stroll: 2 hours; as a route march: one hour.

The walk is circular, comprising independent halves.

Terrain: standard town streets; some gentle climbs; OK throughout for wheelchairs.

Figgate Park

Description: a stroll to and around a beautiful park and haven for wildlife, passing two other parks on the way.

Length: just over one mile each way from the Town Hall to the far end of Figgate park.

Time: as long as you can spare, especially on a sunny day!

Terrain: standard town footpaths.

Joppa Rocks

Description: a stroll along Portobello Promenade and a scramble around a rocky coastline; note that Joppa Rocks are only accessible when the tide is far enough out. Hugh Miller was one of the founding fathers of modern geology, and Joppa Rocks were a very fruitful subject for his studies. He lived for two years in Portobello.

Length: one mile each way from Town Hall to Joppa Rocks.

Time: as long as you can spare!

Terrain: standard town footways to the Rocks, then difficult scrambling; sturdy, waterproof footwear advised.


Description: a stroll around an estate in the care of the National Trust for Scotland, with an optional visit during the summer months to a magnificent stately home.

Length: ~5½ miles

Time: as a stroll: 3 hours; as a route march: 90 minutes.

Terrain: standard town streets with some gentle climbs, and country paths which can be muddy after rain.


Description: a stroll along the coast to an old harbour, then on to our neighbouring town’s new museum.

Length: just over two miles to the Harbour, and a little over one mile further on to the Museum; there are frequent buses back to Portobello, or it’s a seven-mile round trip.

Time: an hour’s leisurely stroll each way, plus up to an hour for the Museum and neighbouring café.

Terrain: standard town footpaths (with optional detours along Portobello’s and Musselburgh’s beaches).