About us

About us

We are a small group of volunteers who are proud of our community, and think an online hub at the centre of everything that’s going on can only be helpful to the community.

We also have Facebook (facebook.com/portobello.online), but recognise the need for an independent site for everyone. However, Facebook tends to be just news and events, whereas this site is more for static information. We are also fortunate in being the online host for The Portobello Reporter which is the local paper still delivered to your door four times a year.

We aim for an all inclusive audience who have a say in what is included in these pages, provided it is non-political, and non-divisive. We want to helpful, aiming to please everyone in our community.

We hope you like the new clean and lean appearance of this revamped site, but please tell us what you like and dislike and we’ll try to make adjustments. Use the contact form and we’ll respond as soon as possible.

Support us?

We are always on the lookout for help! Perhaps you’re good at finding titbits and writing content, or perhaps you’re good with WordPress. There are many ways to help us, apart from the design, graphics and all the techy stuff which can always be improved. If you think you can help, you probably can so please get in touch.

There are a few ongoing costs too, so you could support us by making a small donation to help cover some of these costs. For example the cost of hosting is around £80pa and there are costly plugins that we might want to make further improvements to the site. Any amount will be gratefully received.

Suggested donations are:
Individuals £5
‘Not for Profit’ Groups £10
You can also be a sponsor with a link on our homepage for £20pa.

It’s easy to donate with PayPal or debit/credit Card:

Thank you!

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