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The Porty Podcast

Episodes 151 onward : from 04-Jan-2020

The Porty Podcast is a community project, highlighting events in and around Edinburgh's seaside - Portobello! It's a very active area with loads of water sports on the Forth, a dynamic artistic community, a vibrant High Street and a strong sense of identity which makes it slightly separate from the other parts of Edinburgh.

The Podcast was founded by David Calder who was a broadcast journalist for over 30 years, working mainly for the BBC.

Episodes 101 to 150 : from 10-Nov-2018 to 21-Dec-2019

Episodes 51 to 100 : from 14-Jun-2017 to 03-Nov-2018

Episodes 1 to 50 : from 16-Nov-2016 to 10-Jun-2017

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