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Portobello Conservation Area

The Portobello Conservation Area was designated on 13 October 1977. The original boundary was amended in July 1985 and again in February 1998.

From the time of designation as a conservation area, additional planning controls automatically come into force and have the following implications:

• Permitted development rights under the Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) (Scotland) Order 1992 are restricted. Planning permission is, therefore, required for stonecleaning, external painting, roof alterations and the formation of hard surfaces. The area of extensions to dwelling houses which may be erected without consent is also restricted to 16m2 and there are additional controls over satellite dishes.

• Special attention must be paid to the character and appearance of the conservation area when Planning controls are being exercised or Local Plans prepared. Most applications for planning permission for alterations will, therefore, be advertised for public comment and any views expressed must be taken into account when making a decision on the application.

• Buildings which are not statutorily listed can normally be demolished without approval under the Planning Regulations. However, within conservation areas the demolition of unlisted buildings, including boundary walls, requires conservation area consent.

• Proposals for work on trees must be notified in writing to the Council, six weeks in advance of commencing works.

More Info

Local Planning Applications

A summary of weekly local planning applications and decisions is provided by Portobello Community Council. PCC is a statutory consultee in the case of major applications

Planning and Building

You can view and comment on planning applications on the Council's Planning Portal and there is more information on their website.

Conservation Area Character Appraisal

The Portobello Conservation Area Character Appraisal emphasises the village/small town character of the area, the importance of the long sea-front promenade, the high quality architecture, and the predominant use of traditional building materials.

Guidance for Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas

Guidance for Businesses

Local planning applications are monitored by both Portobello Community Council and by Portobello Amenity Society. If in doubt, it's always worth seeking advice before making alterations to your home or business. Mistakes can be expensive to rectify!

Edinburgh Local Development Plan

Portobello Online