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Towerbank Parent Council


I have lived in the Portobello area most of my life. My children attend Towerbank Primary School and Nursery.  As well as being on the Towerbank Parent Council, I am a board member of Towerbank After School Club (TASC), a parent run charity, and I help run POD Film Night.

Towerbank Parent Council represents the parent/carer forum.  Every parent/carer with a child at Towerbank Primary or Nursery School is a member of the forum.


  • To support the School and associated organisations in their work
  • To improve home-school links in the interests of all pupils and parents
  • To support the education and welfare of pupils at all stages
  • To represent the views of the forum on the curriculum, education and welfare of the pupils
  • To promote communication between the School and the wider community
  • To support partnership between the School and associated educational establishments

Membership Rules

  • Membership is voluntary and is agreed at the AGM of the forum.
  • Any parent/carer of a child at Towerbank can volunteer.
  • Membership of the Council includes the Head Teacher, staff, Parent Staff Association (PSA) and Towerbank After School Club (TASC).
  • All members have equal voting rights.

The Parent Council forms permanent and temporary sub-groups to take forward any particular issue, e.g. playground redevelopment.  Members of these sub-groups may be drawn from the Parent Council or the forum, and can include co-opted members who need not be members of either.

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