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Positive Porty

"Reaching out to the wider world and drawing them in and shouting out our name - PORTOBELLO - Edinburgh's Seaside.  Come and have some!"

"Proud of our past, confident of our future."

"Working WITH the Council and other agencies to create POSITIVE change in Portobello."

"Appreciating how fortunate we are with what we already have, and then making it even better!"

"Porty and Proud."

"Listening, consulting, enabling, encouraging, empowering."

"Striking the right balance between respecting our heritage and embracing positive change.'

"A great place to visit.  An even better place to live."


"Working together to help each other to make Portobello the best place it can be."

"Giving everyone a voice and understanding that we all have something to offer."

"Porty - can we fix it?  YES WE CAN!"

"Moving forward and taking everyone with us."

"Everyone respecting each other and their right to an opinion even if it differs from your own."

"Inclusive.  Respectful.  A community that cares."

"A community where everyone has a place, where everyone feels valued."

"Edinburgh's Seaside - open for business."

"A great place to bring up a family but, equally important, a place where the elderly and the vulnerable aren't forgotten about."

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