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PEDAL Portobello Transition Town

PEDAL was formed in 2005. It is a Transition initiative, looking to raise awareness about and take action on Climate Change and Peak Oil by working to build resilience and create a vibrant and productive local economy in our community. We do this through working groups on different areas such as food, energy, transport or waste, each group initiating and developing practical projects. Some examples of these are: the community orchard; the market; the turbine; car-free day events and the Porty Shopper.

New projects include developing a community garden in the Bath Street gap site with local residents and a new design for the shopper, which will be selling at the November market.

For the future we have lots of ideas! One is to develop a building as a local hub as a base for supporting local social enterprises, food production and social cohesion.

Apart from one short period of funding, we rely 100% on voluntary effort and are always looking for people with ideas, energy and enthusiasm to get involved in what we’re doing or help start off new projects.

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