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The World of Colour Vision

February 22, 2018 @ 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

The talk
You’ll never trust your eyes again after seeing this demonstration-packed talk in which Ben Craven explores the world of colour vision. How do people see colour? Do animals see in colour? Come along to find out the answers to these questions and more. Along the way you’ll discover how to make a black thing look white, how two lights can be the same but different at the same time…and why we are all colour blind.

Ben was originally funded by the Colour Group (GB) to develop this talk and to develop and construct the demonstrations in it. He has since given the talk many times to science festivals, schools, and workplaces, in many venues including the Royal Institution in London.

Ben Craven has been fascinated by science for as long as he can remember. He worked as an academic for several years, teaching and researching visual perception, with a particular interest in colour vision, before leaving to become part of the original exhibition development team at Glasgow Science Centre. Since then he has continued to work in informal science education, along with day jobs at Glasgow School of Art teaching Product Design Engineering, and at the Open University teaching maths and statistics.

Comments on the talk
Here are some of the comments that I got after I gave the talk as an after-work event at the Dyson research facility in Wiltshire. Please extract quotes as you see fit if you think they’ll be useful.

Thanks so much for your lecture the other week. It was brilliant. The topics were presented in a clear and methodical way with a large dose of wit and plenty of fascinating, mind-bending demonstrations. There was a broad audience that night including Engineers, Artworkers, Marketing people, Legal people, all sorts and you managed to appeal across the range – I was still talking about it next day and telling people who had been unable to attend (as I think were many other people). Colour and the mechanics of the eye/brain are so easily taken for granted but you really did them justice and gave us food for thought.

Brilliant lecture, delivered with the right information/humour balance- should be compulsory for all schools. Could have got a little more ‘techy’ but a great introduction to the subject.

I’d just like to say that as my first lecture I’ve been to whilst at Dyson, Ben’s lecture has set a fantastically high standard. He kept the audience gripped for the entire time, and for me it was the first time I’ve felt I’ve understood the issue of colour blindness properly. I only hope you can persuade more lecturers of the same calibre to Dyson in the future.

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the colour lecture last week. I really enjoyed the demos and found the whole topic really fascinating. A few of us were still discussing some of the things Ben showed us in the days following the presentation. Thank you for getting Ben in to speak to us and thanks to Ben for a really enjoyable talk.

FREE EVENT (by donation)


February 22, 2018
7:30 pm - 9:00 pm


Tribe Porty
19 Windsor Place
Edinburgh, EH15 2AJ United Kingdom


Tribe Porty