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Portobello Community Council

Portobello Woodcraft Folk

Portobello Woodcraft is open to all young people and meets every Friday evening in age groups that engage in activities which are fun or serve some social purpose (e.g. the Rock Trust sleep out to raise money for charities for the homeless).

Weekends camping or walking also give people a chance to get into the countryside.

The whole idea is that through these activities we learn how to co-operate, think for ourselves and respect each other. Whether we do that, or just have fun, is a different question.

PEDAL Portobello Transition Town

PEDAL was formed in 2005. It is a Transition initiative, looking to raise awareness about and take action on Climate Change and Peak Oil by working to build resilience and create a vibrant and productive local economy in our community. We do this through working groups on different areas such as food, energy, transport or waste, each group initiating and developing practical projects. Some examples of these are: the community orchard; the market; the turbine; car-free day events and the Porty Shopper.

New projects include developing a community garden in the Bath Street gap site with local residents and a new design for the shopper, which will be selling at the November market.

For the future we have lots of ideas! One is to develop a building as a local hub as a base for supporting local social enterprises, food production and social cohesion.

Apart from one short period of funding, we rely 100% on voluntary effort and are always looking for people with ideas, energy and enthusiasm to get involved in what we’re doing or help start off new projects.

Joppa Tennis Club

We believe the two Joppa Tennis Courts were constructed in the 1920s or 30s when the then new housing was constructed.

The courts were in danger of closing in the early 1980s when a group of local people took on the task of looking after them. The courts then came under the umbrella of the newly formed Portobello Community Council. The courts and clubhouse are owned by the City of Edinburgh Council but are run by a sub committee of the Community Council.

The Courts have gone from strength to strength and now have over 90 members, mainly family memberships. The costs have been kept as low as possible to make the courts as accessible as possible. During the summer holidays we run Play and Play, and at this time the courts are supervised.

We also have coaching for children and adults, and these have proved very popular. There are Open Days and Junior and Senior Tournaments. We are members of the SLTA, allowing members to enter the Wimbledon Ballot. An AGM is held and a small committee take day to day decisions and report back to the Community Council.

Brighton and Rosefield Residents Association

The Association was formed in 1978 in response to the proposed plans to build Harry Lauder Way, the Portobello by-pass, and seeks to protect and enhance the area in which we live, by representing the residents in discussions with the City of Edinburgh Council and other authorities.

For example, the Association has been active in improving Brighton and Rosefield Parks and assertively lobbied for traffic calming measures in Rosefield Avenue.
Individual residents can use the Association to make their views known on issues that affect the area, for example, traffic problems, bus routes, planning applications etc.

Peter Bradley has recently been elected to represents us on Portobello Community Council. Peter will consult widely within his community using facebook, email and by personal contact and he has publicly committed to supporting the majority opinion within BRRA on any issues affecting Portobello and never his own.

We have an Annual General Meeting, usually in November or early December, to which every resident is invited. Other meetings are organised on an ad hoc basis as the issues arise. We hold occasional social events and the summer picnic, held in one of the parks, has been a great success.

We also organise an annual ‘spring clean’ of Rosefield and Brighton parks, which always attracts a high turnout. These events provide a wonderful opportunity for people to meet other local residents.

Towerbank Parent Council


I have lived in the Portobello area most of my life. My children attend Towerbank Primary School and Nursery.  As well as being on the Towerbank Parent Council, I am a board member of Towerbank After School Club (TASC), a parent run charity, and I help run POD Film Night.

Towerbank Parent Council represents the parent/carer forum.  Every parent/carer with a child at Towerbank Primary or Nursery School is a member of the forum.


  • To support the School and associated organisations in their work
  • To improve home-school links in the interests of all pupils and parents
  • To support the education and welfare of pupils at all stages
  • To represent the views of the forum on the curriculum, education and welfare of the pupils
  • To promote communication between the School and the wider community
  • To support partnership between the School and associated educational establishments

Membership Rules

  • Membership is voluntary and is agreed at the AGM of the forum.
  • Any parent/carer of a child at Towerbank can volunteer.
  • Membership of the Council includes the Head Teacher, staff, Parent Staff Association (PSA) and Towerbank After School Club (TASC).
  • All members have equal voting rights.

The Parent Council forms permanent and temporary sub-groups to take forward any particular issue, e.g. playground redevelopment.  Members of these sub-groups may be drawn from the Parent Council or the forum, and can include co-opted members who need not be members of either.

Contact Towerbank Parent Council